Simple Crochet Owl Hat


When I 1st started JuneBug Inspirations, now Lewey’s Nest :), I have to say everything i did was trial and error… I couldnt read a crochet pattern, and didnt know what the stitches were even called, so i just made it up as I went along… Well that was 3 years ago, and now I am still kinda doing the same thing… This Owl hat is probably the 4th concept i had come up with… much simpler then how i had been making them, and I really think ANYONE can do this!! The tutorial is about 2 years old, however i still use this pattern, just with a few extra details :) So i hope you enjoy, and you try it out!

Tutorial starts with an already made up hat, with added ear flaps- you can find hundreds of videos on youtube to get your correct size :)

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